More Information

Can I read any statements by the DFI and the DOJ?

At the beginning of this case, the DFI and the DOJ issued their own Frequently Asked Questions. They can be read here. Recognize, however, that this information is several months old, and some information is out of date.

Can the Receiver or his staff provide legal advice to me or a family member?

Nothing in these Frequently Asked Questions should be deemed to be legal advice. Although the Receiver is a lawyer, and some of his staff members are lawyers, they cannot provide legal advice to you. If you or a family member desire legal advice, please contact your personal lawyer.

What if I have questions about this action and its impact on a family member or me?

Questions may be directed to the Receiver and his staff at: or 855-947-9900

Remember, there are over 10,800 consumer-depositors and families involved in this case, as well as over 150 funeral homes. As a result of the volume of inquiries, it might take a few days for a staff member to respond, but you will receive a response. Please be patient.

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